Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

Posted by / 25-Dec-2019 09:31

Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

Whether paying bills, upgrading from Windows, enjoying more reliable downloads, or getting expert product help, Quicken's new and improved features will help you save time and get better control of your money. Still lacks the powerful reporting, and flexibility, of Quicken 2007.

After finding much to like about it, including a crisp interface, a better way to specify transaction details, and good connections to online financial accounts, its failure to import my Quicken 2007 reports (honed over 15 years for business and personal tax and other reporting) and its lack of report customization makes it a non-starter.

You can track your investments with the software as well.

It has support for stocks, bonds, CDs, mutual funds and much more.

The end result is that Mac users get a product that will only work with a handful of banks.

This article discusses a method to get around this limitation.

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However, they’re not for everybody depending on the type of Quicken software you have to pick up, it can be quite pricey, too.