Updating hdd firmware

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Updating hdd firmware

Obviously there's more to risk than just updating the firmware of a cheap router.

Two questions - Is this risky if it's done correctly?

To find software for legacy products please visit the Legacy Products area on our Support site.I spoke with a rep from Seagate and he tells me there is nothing they can do because the firmware for an OEM drive is made by a company like Dell. Someone went so far as to tell me that if I have a Dell hard drive but not a Dell system the firmware from Dell will not work because it is designed to work with a Dell motherboard.Of course, this was not a rep in tech support who told me this so I have no clue if it's valid. driverid=WM0W0You can see there's a firmware version available released in 2013, and I'm guessing it's the most current available.This answer provides links to the download libraries for various WD products.The download library for each product includes all available software, firmware, drivers, and utilities for the device.*END being used.

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