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Mr Kennedy also defied instructions and went abroad with a protester in 2009 and carried on working against instructions despite being arrested in 2006.November 13, 2012 (1) This transmits revised IRM 9.4.8, Undercover Operations.This change is the result of a recommendation made by The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) during a review of Special Investigative Techniques.(4) Additional revisions, deletions, and grammatical changes were made throughout the section, which did not result in substantive changes but contributed to procedural clarity.(1) Former subsections through, are deleted and merged into Law Enforcement Manual (LEM) 9.14.3, Undercover Operations.The Criminal Investigation LEMs can be found on CI Connection on the CASE web page.Why is the life of a cop considered more valuable than the life of a citizen? Police are supposed to lay down their lives to protect citizens. It is easy to do by allowing the smoke to pass from their mouth and through their noses. But do not threaten them as use of drugs is easily forgiven if life is at risk. They also are not allowed to use Sex while undercover.

Easy to see between 19, only 28 officers lost their lives while doing drug operations. Compare this to the millions of citizens who lost their lives or freedom during the same time period.

"He seems to have believed he was best placed to make decisions about how his deployment and the operation should progress," the report said.

Mr Kennedy worked undercover in 11 countries on 40 occasions, mostly on "European-wide protest issues", but there was no single officer in control and the authorising officer was not even always told Mr Kennedy was going overseas, nor given relevant information about what happened while he was there.

"I think what matters is that there is a general structure and system of proper oversight and control rather than very specific instructions as to what may or may not be permitted.

"Of course, there is another point that banning such actions would provide the group targeted the opportunity to find out whether there was an undercover officer specifically within their group." An HMIC report found Mr Kennedy worked outside the code of conduct for undercover officers, became "resistant to management intervention", and review and oversight was insufficient.

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