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Web definitions for dating

In the case of shelf-stable and frozen products, the year must also be displayed.

"Best if Used By" is a type of date you might find on a meat, poultry, or egg product label. Does it mean the product will be unsafe to use after that date?Manufacturers provide dating to help consumers and retailers decide when food is of best quality.An act which would constitute a violation of the penal law, including but not limited to acts constituting disorderly conduct, harassment, aggravated harassment, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sexual abuse, stalking, criminal mischief, menacing, reckless endangerment, kidnapping, assault, attempted murder, criminal obstruction or breaching of blood circulation, or strangulation; and such acts have created a substantial risk of physical or emotional harm to a person or person’s child.Examples of sexual exploitation include, but are not limited to: Stalking is a pattern of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment that is intended to cause or does cause a reasonable person (or others important to that person) to fear or suffer: death; assault; bodily injury; sexual assault; involuntary restraint; damage to property; confinement.The individual knows or should know that such conduct is likely to cause reasonable fear of material harm to physical health, safety, or personal property of such person, a member of such person's family, or a third party with whom the person is acquainted.

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Such acts are alleged to have been committed by a family member.