Dating a girl with the same name as your mother speed dating in conway arkansas

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Dating a girl with the same name as your mother

I’m not alone in being attracted to girls with a particular name.Our culture fetishizes certain names, like Roxanne (thanks, Sting).And a running joke on NBC’s Parks and Recreation is that Ron Swanson’s two ex-wives are named Tammy, which is also his mother’s name.Swanson’s Freudian case is one explanation for the name phenomenon, but my mother’s name isn’t Emily. More has been written about “name attraction” than “name fetish.” Psychologists explain it using “name-letter effect,” the idea that the letters in our names influence our decision-making, including who and what we’re attracted to.The answer has everything to do with attachment theory and unconscious mental models.

It’s even more obvious for people with gender-neutral names or gay couples.

Everytime I say my daughter's name, I have love in my heart for her and for my wonderful dog.

Ithink Faith is a nice name for a baby girl i know a couple of faiths the fact that your dog's name is faith may be extreamly confusing for you baby during the first 5 years.

One friend said I had a “name fetish,” but when I tried to research it, nothing came up.

Wikipedia’s list of paraphilias has 100 fetishes — everything from attraction to armpits to arousal from archery — but nothing about names.

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i don't have issues with dating girls with the same name as another.

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