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The Po D Bo Yz record a mega pod, starting with very little nets talk, and more NBA offseason moves. #brooklyn #celts #cavs #trade #irving #thomas #nba #podcast #lebron The Misterz are back in The Cube after a long hiatus to preview the Pack, Browns & Boys (and more) squads for the upcoming season.They also discuss the latest blockbuster NBA trade featuring Kyrie Irving.

These agreements deal not only with the break up of the parties but also with circumstances in which one party marries another individual or either of the parties die.

In the City of New York, in order to enter into a domestic partnership, the couple must register their relationship with the City Clerk and attest to their devotion to each other.

If you are in a committed relationship and you seek to deal with issues involving property, debts, support or the potential dissolution of the relationship, a domestic partnership agreement may be appropriate for you.

we thought maybe we should branch out in their direction," Lieberman said.

FINANCIAL DISTRESS: Yonkers synagogue sells land SALE: Yorktown Jewish Center selling part of its property Court records seeking approval for the sale from the state Attorney General's Office stated that the purchase price was .8 million.

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"If that means we have a smaller facility, we continue the mission.