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I have developed a small promotional site using Dreamweaver CS6.

Virtually all pages have been designed around a single template, and this has worked well throughout development.

However, I'm now noticing that updates applied to the template (updates to an uneditable region) are being passed to only a few of the pages.

Here is a page not being updated by the template: you in advance.

Dreamweaver tracks these mismatches so you can select which region or regions to move the current page’s content to, or you can delete the mismatched content.

You can apply a template to an existing document using the Assets panel or from the Document window. When you apply a template to an existing document, the template replaces the document’s contents with the template’s boilerplate content.

ZXP files for ASP support and it still doesn't work. I was really looking forward to learning this new platform, but I'll have to stay with Microsoft Expression for now...

By put that code in a style sheet it is only downloaded once and since your pages are going to use CSS stylesheets anyway, it's wise to at least define the background image in the CSS stylesheet file anyway.

#3: Images are NOT showing in some pages, but do work in other pages.

While developing PHP code for Drupal in Dreamweaver, if you notice your code uses tabs (and not spaces) then you can fix any chunk of code by selecting code or select all (CTRL A), then right click and choose "Selection;" then choose "Change tabs to spaces.", since you should plan to run your code through the Coder module then you will need to make sure that tabs were converted to spaces.

In the Preferences page, select "Code Coloring." Look for the "PHP" document type and then click the "Edit Coloring Scheme" button. Try changing the "PHP Script Bracket" to a high contrast color (such as dark green or dark blue), but not black. Drupal coding standards call for no PHP ending tag ("?

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If you click on a file and copy and paste it into another folder, Dreamweaver will generally NOT update anything in that page like images or anchor tags.

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