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Www datinggame com

But, for the record, there is a vast difference between the dating scene and the dating game.

Grade 8 Up–Buddies Madison, Holly, and Lina all become the talk of their high school when they start their own Web site, giving advice and setting up those in need with dates.

Holly is dealing with her overdeveloped body and the rumors it has caused while Lina is trying to get her barely-out-of-college teacher to treat her as something more than a student.

Madison is trying her hardest to act more grown up and get the cutest boy in school to notice her no matter what it takes.

Our dating games collection will put your seduction skills to the test.

We have dating games for boys (where you play as a man), dating games for girls (where you play as a woman) and other dating games where your gender doesn’t matter.

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