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Having trouble finding a partner for you and a parent for your dog? You’d think going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage was the most hellish thing I’d been through. Needless to say, my heart is still healing, my dating skills are lacking, and I grasp onto the subject of my Pit Bull as a crutch in those anxiety-filled dating moments. I have found that there’s no sense in going on a first date with someone who doesn’t at least claim to love dogs. My thought is: Surely the guys on these sites, at these events, and at the dog park can at least tolerate dogs and may even, truthfully, love them. Bunch is a Pit Bull, as we all know by now, and a Pit Bull is tougher for a lot of people, even self-professed “guy” guys and dog lovers, to be immediately comfortable with than, say, a Golden or a Beagle. When Dan met the very exuberant Bunch, he involuntarily moved behind me and looked to the door. But Dan and Steve, being true dog lovers, adjusted to Bunch after a short while and entered the contest to become her doggie daddy.

The anxiety of getting ready for a first date, finding the place you’re meeting on time (yeah, right), introducing yourself — a handshake or a hug? I have learned these sort of rules after dating for two-plus years in New York City. I also put on lip gloss and make sure my hair isn’t sticking up. He had a tiny Yorkie, and when he met Bunch, he ogled her size and said he’d never seen such a big dog (Bunch weighs 60 pounds).

We are thrilled to share our “interview” with Hugh and Jess and their fur kids Fishstick the Rescue Pug and Nana the Border Collie.

The entertaining new series is a scripted look at their new life together from the dogs’ point of view.

As a dog owner (and all round dog-nut) myself, I’m naturally drawn to other people with dogs, even if I don’t know them.

Here in the modern day, they go for around 0 a night.

For a chance to score the one-night deal, register through the hotel’s website by Oct.

But the Great Depression didn’t have much use for velvet ropes and martinis, both rumored to have been invented at the luxury hotel, and it closed in 1921, then was later converted into office space.

Recently, The Knickerbocker was reclaimed for its original purpose, undergoing a total renovation and getting a noteworthy rooftop barto become a five-star hotel that reopened in February. 23, a limited number of rooms will be released at their original rate.

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I nearly crash my car every time I see an Irish wolfhound or a red setter walking along the pavement. My family welcomed a Tibetan Terrier into our home three years ago and he literally turned our world upside down. Doggy day care can be super expensive these days and many dog owners aren’t keen on traditional dog kennels.

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