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Dating valentine sons postcards

READ MORE: How Scotland has been sold to tourists for 200 years Landscape photography was to become the next major area of business with a growing demand for topographical views , particularly among the middle and upper class tourists of the day.His work caught the eye of Queen Victoria and, Royal Warrant in hand, he was commissioned to take 40 Highland scenes for the monarch in 1868.The monochrome image archive was donated to St Andrew's University.The following is a first attempt to provide a database of postcards of Manx views issued by Valentine's - I must ackowledge the great help provided by Mike Kelly in allowing me access to his database, all errors in the following are however mine!Other well-known photographers include Leonard Frank and J. Publishers include Vancouver’s Thomson Stationary Co. and Gowen Sutton Co., and Warwick Brothers & Rutter (Toronto), the first Canadian company to produce colour postcards.Increasingly, postcards are being recognized as important primary resources for historians and researchers in many other fields.With postage rates at a penny a card, thedemand was insatiable.

Although the term "holiday postcards" might bring to mind mementos of foreign travel posted by people on vacation to friends and relatives at home, "postcard" here haslittle to do with documenting place and much more in common with the greeting cardin its emphasis on the commemoration of events.Collecting postcards was a natural extension of the Picture Collection's mission to provide its users with visual material in a variety of formats.Postcards were circulated from at least the early 1920's and were likely housed with subject clippings files until later segregated into a separate collection.Buoyed in reputation, his ability was finessed in the studios of Francis Frith at Reigate - England’s foremost landscape photographer of the day.In the 19th century, the Valentine views concentrated on the genteel tourist sights of Scotland with operations branching out to England in 1882 and then the most fashionable tourist spots overseas, including Jamaica, Madeira and Tangier.

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