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Dear Moneyologist, Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I am single, despite joining three dating sites.

Anonymous Dear Anonymous, There are things you can do to stack the odds in your favor.

Under favorite cuisines, let me choose from 'Have you ever tried ___? And yes, I am sensitive to the privacy issues at hand.

Pleasantries like bad breath, horrible manners, and unsightly cold sores I'd prefer to know about before wasting my time. A drop down section under interests with suggested questions I can send as messages without the profile page. " Because realizing that just about every line in my profile is a conversation starter is so, so difficult. Yes, I know users can lie with avatars, but they 'lie' with decade old pictures too.

I still like to party, and most of my single friends are on Tinder or One man described himself as “soleful.” I wrote, “You mean soulful.” He replied, “No, I mean soleful. Another asked me if I wanted to go somewhere and smoke some weed. I have worked hard to get into great shape — I have run marathons in Boston, London and New York — and have a private album with tasteful photos of me on vacation with my girlfriends on the beach.

When I unlocked this album, one man took it as an invitation to send me naked photos that nearly crashed my computer.

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Seeing multiple pictures of muscles glistening against your i Phone flash, all greased up, and flexing offends me -- not to mention scars my eyes -- far more than having the word 'shit' squeezed between two other words in your profile.

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