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Kelly told viewers she asked Trump to do an interview. It would be just another wild turn in a crazy campaign.

But don't call 2016 the wildest presidential campaign ever.

I'm guessing Bill Hemmer knew what his good friend Megyn Kelly was up to when we spoke before his lunch address at Xavier University Wednesday. – just as Kelly was heading to her secret noon meeting with Donald Trump in Manhattan's Trump Tower.

Kelly told "The Kelly File" viewers Wednesday night that she requested the meeting, and they "had a chance to clear the air" during hour-long session.

Keeping Megyn Kelly at Fox News is a top priority for Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of the cable-news outlet’s parent company, 21st Century Fox – but he’d like her to express a similar sentiment.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal in an interview, the media mogul said he is eager to keep Kelly at the network, but noted “we have a deep bench of talent, many of whom would give their right arm for her spot.” Kelly, the Journal said, is seeking a salary of more than million a year, compared with what is said to be million in the last year of a contract slated to expire in July of 2017.

When she finished her high school, she joined Syracuse University and studied political science before she later enrolled in Albany Law School while also working as an editor of the law school’s magazine called “Albany Law Review”. C., her fame began to show up in the broadcasting field.

Last week, the network announced its new primetime lineup for the first quarter of 2017: Tucker Carlson will take Kelly's 9 p.m.We'll [also] have people like members of the former administration, press secretaries, as well as people in the administration who will answer our questions throughout the week as well.What are some examples of issues you will be tracking throughout your show? You can feel the venom and the concern by some that it's not legitimate.Hemmer points to 2008, when the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton race wasn’t decided until June.He reminds people that in 2000, he went to Tallahassee “for an overnight stay and left 37 days later” after the Bush-Gore recount.

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slot and Martha Mac Callum will take Van Susteren's 7 p.m.

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