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If your cat is already spayed or neutered and only needs a microchip you don't need to use the signup form. We can usually get your cat in within a week or two. Just give us a call at (360) 588-9900 and we'll set up an appointment for the microchipping. You drop your cat off at the Cat's Meow that morning at 8 a.m. There will be a live Q and A and event scrolling slideshow of your coolest cats!Send your cute and/or funny cat photos and your cat questions to [email protected] we can feature them at Cat’s Meow! All you need to do is bring a cat item from our Fetch!Founder Michelle Furbacher says she’s been run off her feet tending to the always-busy Catfe.“Every week is totally different, getting different cats in. The idea was simple: a cafe where patrons can mingle with cats who are looking for a forever home.

When a Certified TNR Caretaker has a need, such as for a larger post-surgical holding space or extra traps, they can reach out to the NYCFCI.

Last summer, when private prison operator Core Civic Inc. of America at that time) hit the skids after the U. Department of Justice threw cold water on the private corrections industry, the stock's yield shot up to more than 16%.

Given that CXW is a REIT that pays out most of its earnings in the form of dividends, it was clear that a dividend cut was coming.

List to donate the night of Cat’s Meow and you will be in the running to win!

Can’t make it to this year’s Cat’s Meow but want to sponsor a cat?

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