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The underlying fact is that MANY men – all over the world – love the look and sensuality of muscular women like female bodybuilders.

The problem is that there are: All you have to do is go to You Tube and look and the number of views for the videos which feature muscular women.

You may absolutely adore muscular women or you simply may be curious to discover what you can do today to improve your odds of successfully meeting and dating the kinds of women you find attractive. The survey narrowed down the challenges to the most pressing areas in order to help you get better at finding, meeting, dating, and creating awesome relationships with beautiful athletic women.

The first step is to get your head straight about women in general, not just muscular women.

But now comes seven new sites for muscle beauties who are prepared to be more daring.

If Shemuscle is the Playboy of female muscle sites, then Dirty Muscle is the Penthouse.

It has featured over 200 muscle beauties in award-winning photography and videography and continues to be the favourite site for muscle fans the world over.

They are Ebony FBBs, Female Muscle Bondage, Female Muscle Lesbians and My Big Clit.

Obviously, this website is bound to create high degrees of emotion.

The choice which sites they shoot for is up to the models themselves and it's amazing to see some of our favourite muscle goddesses start to push themselves to their erotic limits!

Recently four new sites have been added to this awesome muscle packed network.

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Welcome to my website I'm Pam Franklin, an IFBB Professional bodybuilder. I'm taking a couple of years off to heal injuries and then get bigger.

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