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But some how, In the wink of an eye, however, they were over!!!Check out the top high-profile Jamaican celebrity couples that surprisingly didn’t make it: Related: Nuffy: Ce’Cile a look you a look back di man (Chris Martin) but di man nuh want yuh 11.Yes you know them all, they started with the I love yous, they kissed, hugged, held hands, and flaunted their love in the public eye.Some had kids together, some got engaged, some even got married…Ce’Cile and Chris Martin Bet some of you guys didn’t know they dated!!She was dancehall’s self-proclaimed ‘Bad Gyal’, but did she meet her match? Though she tried to keep her relationship with fellow entertainer Christopher Martin a secret, they couldn’t keep their love out of the public eye.But they DEF lean more towards “talking” which I think is a middle ground between dating and hooking up. What has been your best and/or worst dating experience?Honestly, I have NO idea how to answer this because I've never really dated.

During his set, Beenie Man, who took the stage in the aftermath of Spice's high-energy set, was flowing quite smoothly, blazing out songs like Zagga Zow, Rum and Redbull, Slam, Old Dog and Dude, when he basically got derailed by the antics of a female fan.Western Bureau: The thousands of scantily clad revellers who turned up at the Wavz Beach in Negril, Westmoreland, Sunday night for the sixth staging of 'Chug It' got a mixed bag, as while the entertainment was reasonable, the congestion on the stage was a significant distraction.It was also a contrasting situation for the star attractions - deejays Beenie Man and Spice.The young fan climbed on to the stage, turned her posterior to the deejay and began gyrating on his pelvic area, After a few moments, the deejay eased her off and remarked, "You clothes dirty ...why yu come up here and a wine up pon me inna dirty clothes?

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I got alot of girls callin Wid di doc in love dem fallin It's a ton load a girls I'm all in, all ova mi cribs dem sprawlin Now a couple a phone mi installin Cau mi have some on dat home callin Ignorance so mi find dat appaulin So mi run dem when dem get too brawlin Mi hear di girls dem bawlin All pon di floor mi have some crawlin All night sex straight till mornin And mi nah cum before mi darlin because...

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