Updating ipod blue screen disability dating in las vegas area

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Updating ipod blue screen

The White Screen of Death is not necessarily a death sentence for your i Phone.

This won't solve the problem in most cases, but there's an outside chance that you don't really have a White Screen of Death.

OKAY SO I was like ''what is this person talking about?It had the white screen of death, although I could still operate it blindly and play the music.But I say HAD the white sceen of death, because your solution worked 1st time A Thank you.I tried everything, but then I reread the post again and I tired it. my ipod turned off (cos it went reset.) but I tried to hold it for much longer and the apple sign came up and OMFG.

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If your i Phone's screen is totally white and isn't showing any icons or apps, there's obviously a problem.