Did brendon urie dating ryan ross

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Did brendon urie dating ryan ross

My family still lives in Vegas, so now I’m able to go to these places and see people letting loose and dancing like crazy in clubs.

at The Disco frontman Brendon Urie sat down with Pride Source this week to discuss a number of things -- including those gay rumors that have followed the singer since the early days of Panic!

Just wondering because of this pic nott, is ru=yan/brendon bi or straight? Both have said in interviews that all the stuff you can find on the internet about them being together is made up.

mabbitt max green kiss/Shadow Possession Jutsu/Escape%20The%20Fate/Max Craig Kiss3If they've ever dated each other, they've never admitted to it.

I guess if I had to classify myself, I'd say I'm straight.

But I have, in the past, experimented in other realms of homosexuality and bisexuality. Like with my wife, I'm just so insanely in love and attracted to my wife that I go, "Well, OK, my love of musicals can't trump that I love pussy" [ Urie isn't the first celebrity to reveal he has a fluid perception of sexuality or to identify with the sentiment that everyone is a little bit gay.

I'm like, "Wow, that's a beautiful man." There's no shame in it; that's how I feel.

To stifle that would probably bring on stress and probably make somebody homophobic...

“There’s a line in there – ‘the black magic of Mulholland Drive’ - I’m just describing my favorite scenes of L. - things that I’ve done, friends I’ve been with – it’s a poem to L.

There was a period where we weren't really talking to each other all that much, and Jon and I were just living at my house and continuing to write.

And we kind of realized we needed to get over not speaking and figure out what was actually going on.

If you're unfamiliar with the story, it's a pretty easy one to follow. have gone save for Urie, and he treated the group's last release, Still, our dream of a Ryan Ross / Brendon Urie bromance is no longer a thing.

If you read the actual AMA conversation, Urie answers the reunion question with a simple "Nah." Ouch!

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So we all sat down and pretty much came to the conclusion that the best thing for everyone was to do what we did." Ross said the split was largely due to creative differences between him and Panic! Seems Urie wanted the band to explore a more polished pop sound (like the demo they posted on their Web site last week), while Ross — and, by extension, Walker — was interested in making retro-inspired rock.

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