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Updating employee handbook

It’s also a good way to communicate with employees and remove unnecessary confusion and false assumptions from the workplace.” Today’s employee handbook should look a bit different than the handbooks of the past.

“Employers need to review and edit their handbooks at least once a year,” says Wilson, “and with so many changes in employment law, it’s probably time for most employers to take a hard look at their current handbooks.

Create custom, state-specific handbooks for one low price Stay compliant with state and federal policies.

Protect your organization against potential lawsuits. Save on printing costs with online access for employees. Thompson's Employee Handbook Builder is a completely browser-based system, unlike software products that require you to download files on to your desktop.

The template, licensed to the association via The CA Employers Association, is specific to the state of CA and is available in formats for both small (1-25) and large employers (25 ) Members who purchase the template and maintain their membership are offered a copy of the updated template each year at no additional charge.

Keeping the employee manual updated is essential in ensuring your employees are well-informed of your policies and procedures.

Your handbook is hosted on our secure servers and can be made available over the web to employees with real-time updates that you provide.

A clear and concise handbook defines standards for workplace conduct and describes employee benefits, company policies, and state and federal laws.

• Make clear that employees will not be retaliated against for raising claims of discrimination or harassment?

The CSSA offers members a customizable employee handbook for a small one-time fee.

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• State only that the company will not tolerate sexual harassment, or does it prohibit harassment of any type?