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The book of Judges is named for the various rulers, called “judges” (Judges –19), who are the book’s central figures.

It records the Israelites' descent into sin and its terrible consequences. Israelite people, and all future readers of the Bible.(See more in the Appendix: "Weapons in the Late Bronze Age.") The Book of Judges is a collection of stories about the history of Israel after the death of Joshua and before Samuel.Israel was a loose confederation of Twelve Tribes settled in a land only partially conquered from the Canaanites (See more in the Appendix: "Peoples of the Promised Land.").When the Israelites cried out to God for mercy, he delivered them by raising up the heroes of the book, the Judges.Filled with the Holy Spirit, these valiant men and women obeyed God—although imperfectly—to demonstrate his faithfulness and love.

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The cycle of the times -- apostasy, oppression, deliverance by a judge -- was enacted many times over these two centuries.

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