Survey singles want dating advice

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Survey singles want dating advice

Last week, we sent out a survey to 70,000 guys on our mailing list, asking three simple questions about their dating lives. Hundreds of guys filled out the survey, sharing their biggest frustrations, obstacles and goals.

And the answers we got were inspiring, fascinating and gave us some great information we're going to use to give you guys better advice.

Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and chief scientific adviser for Match who worked on the study and analyzed the findings, said the facts are part of a larger trend where women are “piling into the job market, gaining economically, and gaining sexually and socially.”“Men say that feminism has really made dating easier, safer and more enjoyable for them,” Fisher said. And what I think is going on is these people want to get to know every single thing they can about a sweetheart before they tie the knot,” she said. I guess you know a lot between the sheets, you know, you learn a lot.

They’re daring, they’re creative, they’re conscientious. They’re going to have some time off because they’re their own boss. When it comes to millennials, the survey found that single millennials were 48 percent more likely than older generations to have sex before the first date.

Indeed, 51% of women think that sex is a taboo subject for a date (vs just 17% of men).

It's the same story with proposing post-date sex – a no-no for 44% of women and Bad news for fans of the Hefe filter: taking photos of your food is a no-no.

Among single men ages 18 to 70 , the national survey released last December found 95 percent are in favor of a woman initiating the first kiss and also asking for a guy’s phone number. Fisher called this “fast sex, slow love.” “What we’re finding over the years, and we find it this time, too, is a real extension of the pre-commitment stage. Sex is part of the puzzle.” Fisher said those findings on the “commitment-lite” or “pre-commitment” stage of a relationship — where “you know what you have, you think you can keep what you got” — led her to do another study with and married people.

But out of 70,000 people, nobody replied with “women suck” or anything similar.They’re looking to see if they want to spend their time, energy and money on the other person, Fisher explained. And then not just how they make love, but whether they got a sense of humor, whether they’re patient, whether they can listen,” Fisher said. A Business Insider-Survey Monkey Audience poll asked American singles what they thought about sex and dating, finding that men and women oftentimes have distinctly contrasting views when it comes to hooking up.Also, we were able to make an awesome word cloud out of the responses. This was the first question our survey asked, and the results taught us a lot about the real problems guys out there are facing.As the responses started coming in, Derek and I read every single response. Guys were responding over and over with the exact same problems.

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70% see it as a no-no, making it worse than lying about weight (49%), age (48%) or height (18%).

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