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(YSX) and will go live on May 20, 2016, according to an announcement by YSX.

Thilawa SEX will be the second company to be traded on the YSX after First Myanmar Investment Co Ltd.

However, when the posters for the forum were first published, there was one glaring feature of the speaker line-up that stood out to me: it was all men.

I got in touch with one of the co-founders of the magazine, Su Yee Win Aung, to ask why.

Law enforcement is compelling Apple and Facebook to hand over the personal information of users who were mass arrested at protests against the inauguration of Donald Trump in Washington, D. The tech giants appear to be complying with the data-mining requests, amid mounting concerns over the heavy-handed crackdown against the more than 200 people detained on January 20, among them journalists, legal observers and medics.“This is part of an increasing trend of law enforcement attempting to turn the internet, instead of technology for freedom, into technology for control,” Evan Greer, the campaign director for Fight for the Future, told Alter Net. Mark Goldstone, a National Lawyers Guild-affiliated attorney who is representing numerous defendants in the case, told Alter Net that “several” of his clients have been contacted by Facebook and Apple and informed that their personal information has been requested by law enforcement.

“This trend started long before Trump and seems to be escalating and growing in scale now."More than 200 of those picked up in the sweep at the anti-fascist, anti-capitalist bloc have been hit with felony riot charges, which carry penalties of up to ten years in prison and a ,000 fine. Alter Net viewed a “customer notice” email sent on February 14 by Apple to one of the defendants, who requested anonymity due to the ongoing charges. ('Apple') received a legal request from United States Attorney's Office requesting information regarding your Apple account,” the message states.

For a long time, few internet resources have been available to people in Myanmar, but thanks to some of these entrepreneurs, we now have sites like Wai Phyo Kyaw’s online car dealership Cars DB, and Ye Wint Ko and Htet Will’s Bindez, a Myanmar-language search machine.

We’ve seen cool initiatives like Daily Mart for online grocery shopping, and Phandeeyar, an ICT hub that brings together the tech community with start-ups in different fields.

La Seng, 33 and shiftless, is getting blitzed in a sweltering room, surrounded by dark jungle, filling his belly with fish curry and cheap whiskey. With military precision they swarm the room, bind La Seng’s thumbs with plastic ties and abduct him into the night. Addicts are later forced into evangelical rehab camps.

It’s no secret there’s a start-up boom going on in Myanmar right now.

The recently published Forbes Asia’s 30 under 30 list featured eight young Burmese entrepreneurs, most of whom had provided some form of widely needed digital service in Myanmar.

She explained that she and her co-founder had reached out to potential speakers through their connections, and worked with those who responded.

A couple of days later Su Yee and her colleague Ei Mon Kyaing were included as speakers in an updated poster for the magazine launch.

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Then comes a terrifying buzzkill: a pack of 30 or more vigilantes, mounted on motorbikes, roaring down the muddy path leading to his shack. La Seng, scraggly and dazed, is swept into a nearby Baptist church and forced onto his knees. Ordered to his feet, La Seng shuffles pitifully toward a wooden post.

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