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I'll give it a go today and let you know how I get on. NSTable View Data Source Protocol Reference Setting Values - table View:set Object Value:for Table Column:row: Swift: optional func table View(_ a Table View: NSTable View, set Object Value an Object: Any Object? , row row Index: Int) Objective-C: - (void)table View:(NSTable View *)a Table View set Object Value:(id)an Object for Table Column:(NSTable Column *)a Table Column row:(NSInteger)row Index.St3fan - Yes, I saw that method but, again, it only relates to the deprecated cell based tables. In the Add button's action method, I created an Item object and set its text property to whatever was entered in the NSText Field, then I added the Item object to the array.

All of the delegate methods that would easily allow this seem to be for tables that are constructed with cells rather than the views we are using.

Apple has designed the frameworks available on mac OS around the Model-View-Controller design pattern, and as such has provided various controller objects that are responsible for managing the UI.

View controllers are responsible for hooking up the model layer to the view layer, and have an incredibly important role in the architecture of your mac OS app.

input Text Field is bordered and has a background color, by default, in Interface field Background Color = NSColor( calibrated Hue: 230/360, saturation: 0.15, brightness: 0.85, alpha: 1)let field Border Color = NSColor( calibrated Hue: 230/360, saturation: 0.35, brightness: 0.50, alpha: 1)let field Text Color = NSColor( calibrated Hue: 230/360, saturation: 0.40, brightness: 0.35, alpha: 1)A natural next step would be to tackle the text field’s layer.

(A layer is a drawing area that sits on top of the object’s basic appearance.

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