Restore ipad to factory settings without updating

Posted by / 20-Dec-2019 14:14

Upon the start up, all content, apps, music, photos, and personal account information will be erased from the i Pad Mini.

And you’ll have to go through the process of setting up the device from scratch (choosing language, Apple ID, etc.).

There are a number of reasons why you might want to restore your i Phone factory settings.

If for some reason your i Phone isn’t working properly or maybe you are selling it, so that you can upgrade. A checkbox will appear if you’ve successfully joined the network.

Start by connecting your i Pad Mini to your desktop computer with the provided cable. Locate your i Pad Mini under ‘Devices’ on the left panel and click on Restore.

Step 1: Backup your i OS device using i Cloud or i Tunes Step 2: Make sure that you device is plugged in, and has at least 20% battery life Step 3: Install Cydia Impactor from Cydia Step 4: Run Cydia Impactor by tapping button to confirm.

Once the process begins, be sure not to touch your device until you see the i OS setup welcome screen Step 5: Once completed and at the welcome screen, go back through the initial i OS setup process and activation That’s it.

You will now have a stock i Phone on your current firmware.

Be sure to backup your device, as this will delete all settings, apps, and contents.

It will remove all jailbreak related stuff and “unjailbreak” your i Phone.

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Want to remove your jailbreak without updating i OS?