Dating arab emirates

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They maintain diplomatic relations, with embassies in each other countries, and have close economic ties.There is a significant community of Iranians in the United Arab Emirates, mostly residing in the emirate of Dubai.Around 8,000 Iranian traders and trading firms are registered in the UAE, according to the local Iranian Business Council.Ethnic Persians are estimated to account for roughly 10 percent of Dubai's population of 2 million.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the major sightseeing attraction and wows all who visit.

The mosque fuses Mameluke, Ottoman, and Fatimid design elements to create a harmonious and thoroughly modern mosque that celebrates Islamic architecture.

Artisans used glass-work, mosaic tiling, and intricate carvings to spectacular effect on both the interior and exterior.

And if you’re a woman, plunged into a society where men vastly outnumber women, and where marriage is the norm, it’s even more so.

gave female expats pause for thought, demonstrating a – fortunately, rare – dark side to the sunshine lifestyle in the Gulf.

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