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It seems like everyone has a cautionary tale of a relationship in a workplace that went terribly, terribly wrong.Dating a coworker or boss or colleague can lead to unbearable awkwardness, a tarnished professional reputation, and even job-loss. For as long as there have been workplaces, there have been people surreptitiously hooking up at them.

Even worse, if the relationship ends badly, a rejected partner could retaliate by claiming that she, or he, was sexually harassed and could file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

That law could be invoked by the wounded party in a broken relationship.

An employer can be liable for discrimination against other employees who were qualified for those benefits.

If work isn’t work anymore, why would a workplace romance be off-limits?

And what better place to find people who share your passions?

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A relationship between a supervisor and a subordinate can create a problem if the superior shows favoritism to his sweetheart.

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