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Dating a man twice my age

I know many people are going to judge me for this one...

and I don't blame you because before I got myself into this situation I never in a million years would think about getting involved with a married man-but it happened. I'm 23, hes 41-He has been married 2 times, and...

He's financially well-off, simple, and passionate about life.

What I like most about him (besides his awesome physique and impressive features) is his maturity and wisdom, things I could never find in guys my age, even at this renowned university I attend.

I am truly in love with this man and want to be with him and have a family with him eventually.

He luvs bringing me around his friends (probably because I am a young attractive girl).

There are so many factors in your situation- and only you know what is best for you.

That was my experience from dating a much older man.He had bedroom eyes, and he allowed me to seduce him. It still hasn't ended- it is always exciting, there are always new experiences happening, for both of us, despite his age. He told me I was naive and so young, and I told him that was the beauty of it all. " I finally asked after running circles around each other for an hour. We developed feelings slowly, didn't admit it for the first two months because we knew that a relationship would be difficult. He sat there, and finally he looked up at me and said, "I want you." Being 18, I have very little to work with. Most of which lasted nearly a year and were terribly abusive. My step-father kicked me out at 16 for being a bad influence on the family. He would ask me out to dinner; he would tell me what was on his mind. I want to say I enjoyed what we had while we had it, but my possessive nature and my pride stop me from saying he was mine for a short time. A man who went through with his promises and didn't let me down. I've not once been asked by him to see him- except yesterday. We'll hang out." As we drove around he told me he wanted to take me ice skating at some point in time. I've never been in love, nor am I now, but I thought with his age being what it is, he would be different than the other boys. I always did prefer dating women; I never thought I'd develop feelings for a man.

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He told me he already had plans, his week was busy. My mind and heart are a mess, as I've never been vulnerable before.