French girl dating site

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In any case the site is one of the biggest French internet successes in the past few years.Only women get a say on it: they can surf and select the meek male prey of their choice.‘Adopt-a-guy’ was created by the geek and flirt expert duo Florent Steiner and Manuel Conejo.The slightly mussed-up hair and no-makeup, the give-no-f***s attitude toward basically everything—there’s a reason that, in the world of style, the French girl is considered the epitome of cool.Not surprisingly, that extends into the world of romance. We headed to Paris to find out how French girls really like to date.

In a nutshell, the author argues that traditional dating in America does not exist anymore.The travelling shop, which will be open in Paris for the next ten days before going to Brussels, Lausanne, Toulouse and Lyon, is showcasing single guys by putting them on display inside human-sized toy boxes.Adopt, a dating site which allows men to ‘advertise’ themselves as potential partners, has been hugely popular since it launched in 2010, with a reported 25,000 signing up in the first year alone.The 34-year-olds launched their site in September 2008, fashioning it as a distant cousin of the more popular Meetic and other-sites-for-singles-looking-for-love.They angled their own vision of young, urban types who were looking for a bit of everything: a date for the night, a serious relationship or a bit of a flirt.

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