Updating keys sonicview 8000

Posted by / 18-Apr-2020 11:19

Dish 1000 and sonicview 8000hd, need advice ( I got the hardware issues fixed, the power inserter is on Output #1 and everything is running smooth to the 3 other outputs. The TP's i have on my SV 8000HD are outdated, I have read and researched that they have new updated TP files to load to your receiver. I want to make sure to do this correctly and make sure all the TPS are loaded correctly and all channels are available. In the Modified TP Update file the first thing it says is to do is " Instructions for use".I also know that TPS are listed on lynsat but i would like to figure out how to create a blank channel file the correct way.All help on this project would be greatly appreciated.

I used to have ihub and update to SVLAN and used with AKAI japan public server and was out last couple months. is this the procedure I need to follow: How to get your Sonic View Working with IKSPrivate Server 1.

***Updating a "sat" file WILL wipe your current information.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to either back up your settings, to a bin file, in case anything goes wrong BEFORE installing any file to the SV8000.

OK, I went home this afternoon from work and tried to set up the private server. Be sure password and user id are lower case and the IP address has periods in it to separate the numbers and recheck the DES number for correct entry. Also, I check the connection by unplug from receiver and connect to my laptop. I could use a long ethernet cable to connect direct from router to receiver to see it helps.

Imo, convert the i HUB to the WIZhub as per my other thread, this will stop the update error as it is referred to as and will work on the service you are using. Third, if you want, check the donation number to verify as working (I believe someone posted how to in another thread). I did turn off and on the receiver by the switch on the back many times, still not helping. Here is the one that made not working: DNS IP: I enter 62.2( as private server provided me) They provided me either 1ps or 62.2 I changed to 1ps instead of 62.2, it works.

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SV8k - HD-20 2028360p - ES 28 2028360E - ES 22 2028SV4K - SV_LAN V 14 Upgrade Newlink/ihub to SV Lan Easy! Download newest bin file to receiver with usb thumb drive then power off receiver. Hook up your ihub/newlink to the receiver and power the receiver back on.