Dating a man with ocd

Posted by / 09-Feb-2020 14:40

When you're constantly battling intrusive thoughts and uncontrollable, repetitive behaviors, it's tricky just navigating your own daily routine — much less balancing it with a romantic partner's feelings and habits.

Although any intimate relationship has its ups and downs, dating someone who is affected by a chronic mental illness such as OCD can present some additional challenges as well as opportunities for growth.She suddenly knew that she was in a relationship with someone who has obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).Join OCD Dating Site and Search for Singles in Your Area with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder and Get Acquainted with Them!The pens and pencils on my desk were organized in straight lines. Even the photos and posters on the wall were a study in flawless geometric alignment.Charlotte just thought I was a “neat freak” at first, which, honestly, isn’t such a bad characteristic when you start seeing someone.

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In a spoken word poem that he first wrote and performed in 2013, Hilborn opens up about this very dilemma, talking about his own OCD and the effect it had on one of his past relationships.