Aston merrygold dating stacey

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Aston merrygold dating stacey

She did eventually pull out to go give the others hugs while we made our way to the cars. But obviously the others did as they were all looking at me. I also felt myself going red by looking at the shock and confusion in their eyes. " "sorry babe, I didn't hear you" I smiled hoping he'd believe it. I hadn't told any of them I had a boyfriend, especially not a dick of a boyfriend. "okay this is Chloe, JB, Ty, JJ, Stacey and Aston" I said to Jack pointing to them as I did. I looked up at (yourname) who stood there with tears in her eyes. I watched Stacey get off her seat and walk over to (yourname).

"Ast, JB and Chloe are you lot coming in my car for now" she smiled as we headed over to a gorgeous car! We agreed while JJ got in one car we had hired and Stacey and Ty got in another. "want me to take some of your bags" (your name) asked walking round to her boot. " Suddenly I heard my front door slam and a shuffle of feet. "I'll be a minute" I half smiled getting up and making my way into the hall. When I said Aston I could sense his anger, i don't know why, he didn't even know the boy. All their eyes were on me, trying to smile and look friendly but were extremely confused as I had never mentioned anyone called Jack before. I felt kind of bad for her, Jack seemed a bit of a twat.

Trouble erupts on several occasions which seems to persuade them both that it really isn't meant to be. I got to the airport a little bit early so sat in a cafe having a tea, I was physically shaking because I was so nervous but I was also buzzing. We all got off the plane after a really long flight.

As we all walked out we could see crowds of people and we were scanning them all to find (your name).

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction PLEASE VOTE(: THIS IS A COMPLETED FANFIC. I walked in the room and Stacey and Ty were on one sofa cuddled up and Aston on the on the other alone....

I had such a big house that there was enough space for a room each, of course the couples sharing, so I made sure they all knew where the bathrooms and bedrooms were before leaving them to it, I made my way back down to Aston, Ty and Stacey.

The thing was, that was my ideal plan, but probably not Astons! Now that he thought I had moved on he would probably do the same and use this trip to go back to his old ways... "yeah but..." "If you dare say you don't want sex tonight I will fucking bang your head on that door!

" I shook my head slightly pulling away from him but he gripped onto me again, forcing all my clothes off as he picked me up and pushed my naked body up against the wall.

She looked basically the same but her bubbly, jolly self didn't seem there anymore, she looked kind of broke and weak. I looked straight to Aston who looked down uncomfortably not knowing how to react, he looked sad. He tried again gripping me tighter as I stood there not knowing what to say or do. " she said shrugging it off and carrying on like none of that had happened.The writers of the show, actors James Corden and Ruth Jones, also co-star as Gavin and Stacey's friends, Smithy and Nessa.Other prominent cast members include Alison Steadman and Larry Lamb, who play Gavin's parents, Pam and Mick, and Melanie Walters and Rob Brydon, who portray Stacey's mother, Gwen, and her uncle, Bryn.Aston Merrygold is already tipped to win Strictly Come Dancing [Getty]The JLS singer is one of the 15 stars confirmed for the 2017 Strictly Come Dancing line-up.Aston joins the likes of Ruth Langsford, Mollie King and Davood Ghadami as they prepare to strut their stuff on the dance floor.

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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction PLEASE VOTE(: THIS IS A COMPLETED FANFIC. We all got our cases, nipped to the toilets and then made our way out to meet her.

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