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While I wouldn't call it the firewall available, Cisco's adding more and more features to it all the time. According to the release notes for ASA software version 8.x, the upgrade boasts a number of new features.

But even more important than new ASA features is staying current with the software versions to keep the firewall patched with the latest security fixes. To download the ASA software, you must have a valid SMARTnet agreement.

Subsequent upgrades featured versions 7.1, 7.2, and 8.0.

The Cisco ASA is a good firewall, and I like it much better than the PIX.

So you get one software image that has all the features for that platform.

You should note that IOS 15 enforces licensing for the Advanced feature sets.

I could script this, but before doing this I wanted to be sure that the only way to do this is with my own scripts.

edit: Just to be clear I'm not looking for a way to make the routers automatically update themselves just an automated way to push out IOS updates to the routers.

Consideration is given to the role of the device, the redundancy surrounding it, and the impact of the upgrade itself by the downtime incurred or by the possibility of having config feature behavior changes or different defaults when going between major versions.You need to buy the license, receive the PAK key on a piece of paper, register this on Cisco website to receive an activation key and then enter it into the router.If you want access to the advanced feature sets, you will need to purchase the license and activate it on the router.In order of preference/priority, what factors do you consider in driving an upgrade (or downgrade) with Cisco IOS?If no compelling factors exist, how long would you allow a particular version of IOS to stay running?

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Once you've downloaded the necessary software, follow these steps: 1.

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