Am i dating a serial monogamist latinas for dating

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Playing by the serial monogamy rules you would date one person at time, give each a relationship serious go – say a year, then break up for what ever reason, take the time to learn and heal, and do it again.

We kept our flirting going when I returned home to New York, eventually evolving into cross-country courting.When she tagged him in a photo of a heart she drew in the sand, I felt sick.While Zach kept assuring me he still wanted to be with me, his words weren't nearly as convincing as the pile of Internet evidence I thought proved otherwise.Serial monogamy is actually very common among people, especially in our modern society.It goes a little somethng like this: Let’s say you want to marry someone who’s right for you and by a certain period of time in your life.

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Empirical evidence shows that lifelong romantic partnerships have only existed in a handful of civilizations, coming in at around 20 percent of human relationships.

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