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The physical discipline, also known as free running, requires participants to move at speed through their environment, jumping roofs, flipping over walls, and swinging round any obstacle in their path. Perhaps it's no wonder that a sport dedicated to overcoming physical barriers should take off in a city where division is an enduring source of conflict.

Photographer Matanya Tausig has been capturing the stunning jumps and stunts pulled by groups of young men, across the roofs, walls and streets of the city.

“The moment I touched Tinder, I knew we needed something like this for the Jewish community,” JSwipe founder David Yarus told The Times of Israel while on a recent visit to Israel.

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"They started practising together – and so you start getting mixed groups. Everybody involved is friends on Facebook." The internet has been crucial in spreading both knowledge of the sport and putting Jerusalem's parkour enthusiasts in touch with each other.

"It is mostly spreading through Facebook – friends organise specific days when everybody goes to the same city to do parkour together," says Tausig.

Many of the youngsters were inspired by videos on You Tube, although there are differences in the way the two groups have developed their sport.

While the Jewish boys applied skills they'd gained from gymnastics classes, the Arabs developed their technique using capoeira moves.

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