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And like most singles, I’ve repeatedly exclaimed the words “I give up! This isn’t solely my experience, but the experience of all the singles out there who have said more than once that they’ve given up.

” Except what's annoying is that, in truth, I really haven't given up. So many romantically-deprived, bad-date-having souls have made the personal resolve to become a mysterious shut-in and never venture back out into the treacherous dating world again, all the while secretly hoping that this plan will lead to some fantastically wonderful stranger coming to save them for their wretched single boredom.

Guest-starring Ginger Snapp, Suzie, Linda Lake, Laurie Moore and Toni Topaz - and Archie's dog, Vegas!

Reinhardt married Sean Brown this past weekend, after the two announced their engagement with a ginormous rock in August of 2015, reports.

So unfortunately, my fantasies of the giving-up and eating copious amounts of fried goods lifestyle have gone completely down the drain.

I’m simply no match for the attractive strangers of this world and that awful dating siren-song that they seem to omit, drawing me in with the hope that they might be the Person B to my Person A.

Forget the scandals and the dating drama, give us their diet and workout routines!

Summertime is quickly coming to an end and Archie realizes that he has not filled his quota of summer dating before the school year starts.

This leads to a number of rushed dates (with all different girls) with hilarity ensuing at every turn - especially when the friends of Betty Cooper turn Archie's plan against him.

Take a look back at the SEGA system that started a revolution with this anniversary issue featuring the origins of such hit games as Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage and more—alongside awesome new pin-up art from the Archie team!

Also featured is a special look at the all-new SONIC BOOM games and TV show, with exclusive info you won’t find anywhere else!

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