Ms project predecessors not updating

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Ms project predecessors not updating

When the Predecessor Task is changed the start dates do not change for Successor tasks.The tasks are set as Fixed Duration, not effort driven.The key is to understand the sense behind Project’s priorities when setting task dates.The main considerations to make are listed below: Project provides a lot of help to spot these potential problems.One of the strengths of automated project management tools is their ability to apply some basic project management concepts.For example, if a predecessor task finishes late, Project moves the successor (linked) task to a later date for you.It can also screw things up nicely (ask anyone who has accidentally "rebalanced" their project - everything goes fubar) You can sort of do what you want by re-leveling the resources: Go to Tools - If you have set start dates to your tasks that's how they remain.You have to make each task a predecessor to the other for them to shorten up if one finishes sooner then planned.

You type in 11/2 for the start date and it changes back to 11/19.As a consultant you come across a lot of different projects/companies/people.I’ve noticed that there are some flaws that keep popping up, regardless of the company, project or person.The default constraint applied to all tasks is As Soon As Possible.This means as soon as possible honoring dependancy relationships and any non-working days applied to the Project base calendar, or from a resource calendar for an assigned resource.

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