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In this course, we examine the connections between the two most destructive events of modern history, the First and the Second World Wars.

Our focus is on Eastern Europe, the lands between Germany and Russia, where utopian racial and social ideologies, new forms of warfare, and the struggle for political domination, played out on the lands and the people that inhabited them with devastating effects. History 350L and 350R may not both be counted unless the topics vary. Please note: “Introduction to the Holocaust” is an upper-division history course with an intensive reading and writing component.

She has been part of the Frank Denius Normandy Scholar Program on World War II since 2014.

Bloodlands: Total War in Eastern Europe, 1914-1945 Does war breed war?

1 pourront donner lieu à exécution forcée dans l'autre Etat si elles sont exécutoires dans l'Etat où elles ont été rendues.The same may be true for assets in a Liechtenstein foundation: it is the foundation, rather than the founder, which owns its assets.The foundation board, often watched over and sometimes controlled by the founder, looks after them for the next generation.Tatjana Lichtenstein holds degrees from the University of Toronto (Ph D), Brandeis University (MA), and the University of Copenhagen (BA/MA). Lichtenstein’s research focuses on minorities, nationalism, state-building, war and genocide in Eastern Europe in the twentieth century.Before coming to UT in 2009, she was a Schusterman Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish studies at American University in Washington, D. Her monograph, was published by Indiana University Press in 2016.

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Désireux de régler la reconnaissance et l'exécution réciproques de décisions judiciaires et de sentences arbitrales en matière civile, ont résolu de conclure une convention en ce domaine.

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