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KEW-A2 uses 8.6kg of JA-2 propellant, accelerating the 7.6kg projectile to a muzzle velocity of 1,700 m/sec. This type was designed for export, where sales of uranium based weapons would not be possible.

The projectile uses the tungsten rod, steel fin and sabot fabricated from composite materials. The M829A3 is proposed for the next generation KE tank cartridge.

ot, fired at a muzzle velocity of 1,740 m/sec generating chamber pressre of 5,800 bar. It completed type classification standard in March 2003 and is currently in full rate production for the US Army.

This cartridge was the primary anti-tank weapon used by US Army tanks during Desert Storm. The M829A3 cartridge has a total weight of 22.3 kg and length of 892mm.

We also bring you the latest on most of Toyah's appearances, plus all the info on new & forthcoming releases.

A couple of pictures of Toyah performing in Bracknell last Thursday evening.

For a small donation to the charity people will be able to write a message on a snowflake to a loved one who has either died or is not with them over Christmas and hang it from a tree, where it will stay throughout the festive period.A discussion area for Windsor today and in the recent past. Your contributions and copies of photographs (large JPG or TIF to editor @ uk) are welcome.There is an option to receive email notifications of new posts by selecting 'Options' at the bottom left of the page.The first picture is Toyah outside, where she sang 'River Deep, Mountain High' and 'It's A Mystery'.The second picture is Toyah inside, performing 'Sweet Child 'O Mine'. ITV teams up with the Big Lottery Fund to offer the largest prize ever seen on UK television, as four projects, each with a celebrity champion, present their case to the audience, before viewers vote for the project they'd like to see get the money.

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