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Their attachment to other teeth can cause more bacterial plaque stagnation than usual, which leads to an increased incidence of both gum disease and tooth decay.

Because RPDs attach to the remaining teeth they also tend to loosen the attached teeth over time.

Research dating back to the 1960s indicates that partial denture wearers [Figure 2] over the years suffer more decay and gum disease than non-partial denture wearers, all other variables being equal.

The primary reason is that RPDs attach to the remaining teeth and other structures, the gum ridge areas where teeth once were, and the palate on which they rely for retention (to keep them in your mouth).

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Dear Doctor, I am fifty-five years old and over the years I have lost several teeth, mostly due to decay.

There are many different types of dentures available, and the kind you choose likely will depend on what degree of tooth loss you have (full or partial), as well as the amount of usable tissue that remains in your mouth once your teeth are gone.

Partial dentures make sense when some original teeth remain in the mouth following tooth loss.

The name “flipper” comes from the tongue's ability to flip them out or move them around.When teeth decay or fall out, it can affect breathing, eating and general quality of life.Dentures can replace some or all teeth to restore functionality and aesthetics.For people who have lost teeth through accidents or periodontal disease, dentures and dental implants now look so good that wearing them may even result in a more beautiful smile.Fake teeth used in dentures are now made of either porcelain or plastic, and the base is usually plastic or acrylic.

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The Etruscans and Romans are known to have made dentures out of human and animal teeth as early as 7 BC, but no physical evidence has ever been discovered.