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Updating altell phone software

will try to find out a little more information for you on this..... The hardware in the XT908 is supposed to be identical to the xt912, however the keys used are different. US Model Number : Motorola RAZR MAXX Kernel Version: [email protected]_#1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 28 CDT 2012 Build Number: 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_NA-30 Baseband Version: N_R AP flex version : GAS_NA_GCXSPYDERACG Android Version : 4.0.4 Thank You to any and Help. given that you have a ICS maxx, i would say that some of the roms found here may work with your maxx..... we are glad that you came here to look for "stuff" for your maxx..... most of the work for the OG razr ICS and maxx ICS (xt912) done here (roms, utilities, themes, etc) are based on 6.16.211 for Verizon.......However, no xt908 files are known to have been leaked so it would be risky.Rooting would still be safe I would think, but I'll defer to someone else because I've never looked into what exploit was used.Just don't Safestrap or try to flash anything without a trusted dev verifying it is not a suicide run.Ive manually programed the phone via tech support with no results.Ive been through tech supports 1-3 with no outcome to the solution.

Its been ten days sice I switched and lost these features.Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 I've got a similar situation. It runs on a 3G network only; they are supposed to go to 4G/LTE in late summer 2013. (BTW, I read that n Telos currently uses Sprint's network if that helps anyone help me figure out how to root.)Here are the specifics: Please Login or Register to see this Hidden Content ICS 4.0.4firmware GAS_NA_GCXSPYDERNTbaseband version N_RKernel version 3.0.8-ga0b5673 Please Login or Register to see this Hidden Content #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Sep 28 CDT 2012AP flex version GAS_NA_GCXSPYDERNTBuild number 6.7.2-180_DHD-16_NA-30Need help from an expert to root this puppy!Thanks, Bob Chairwolf, rooting should be the same process.Works on OSX, Linux, and Windows and emails are specifically formatted to look their best on IOS devices. Parent can get master reports of everyone's usage, kids can get a usage report of only.Freeware download of Email Cell Usage 1.32, size 9.12 Mb.

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Can any one help with custom roms for the Motorola RAZR MAXX from alltel the info is below. Being that Alltell and Verizon are the same company I would start off by finding someone you know with an xt912 and try swapping SIM cards.