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The most frustrating part of owning a ladies clothing and accessories boutique is parking it, says Emily Durán.

The 25-year-old drives, stocks, styles and sells out of her pale pink Passionista Fashion Truck, a converted pretzel truck that has popped up in several Delaware cities during the last two months.

The list warns girls away from going to the bathroom in groups (even though we very often do this for safety reasons), it assumes the boy will pay for the date, it assigns a feeble quality to the girls that presumes they won't eat their food to seem dainty or won't help plan the date so they don't seem too assertive.

Honestly we could go on forever about how this list puts girls and women into a societal slot that is traditionally used to oppress them and makes women the butt of a rude joke, but we don't have to because the girls in Utah have woke moms.

Her only competition is the Little White Fashion Truck, a Severna Park, Md.-based operation that has appeared at Delaware events.

The tips include "Help plan the date sometimes," "Eat the food you order, don't waste his money," "If you think you're too fat, etc., keep it to yourself," "Be feminine and lady-like, don't use vulgar language or swear."Not OK.

Even if you ignore the fact that you can't force anyone to go on a date, this list of instructions for the girls in the class make a lot of extremely sexist and stereotypical assumptions.

Both cities generally prohibit commercial vending on public streets and sidewalks, apart from sponsored events.

A book called How to Succeed With Women Without Really Trying: The Dastard's Guide to the Birds and Bees sounds like something that would have been published this decade, a novelty book like The Hipster Handbook or The Zombie Survival Guide that's sold at Urban Outfitters and given as gifts between people who you don't want to hang out with.

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