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Charlie, 22, was a University of York criminology student. Comedian and host of Paddy Mc Guinness tweeted before the screening of the show last night: “Tonight’s Take Me Out is in memory of Charlie.“A fantastic lad who I’m sure will be greatly missed by his wonderful friends & family.Take Me Out continues Saturday night at 6.45pm on ITV.Following Paddy’s tweet, fans commented back with messages of condolences for Charlie. This is because if the group are filming for 10 days in a row, which means their looks have to be varied.

“My twin brother Charlie has created a name for himself,” Harry said on the show.The undergraduate, who ran to be student activities officer in the university student union, told viewers: “When your name’s Charlie, there’s really only one job to have.I work in a chocolate factory.” Footage was shown of Charlie working at York’s Chocolate Story on King’s Square. A fantastic lad who I'm sure will be greatly missed by his wonderful friends & family.Paddy's stage was invaded last week in a shock moment.One of the women had turned off her light for a man called Michael because he was bald.

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My thoughts are with his family & friends.” While another shared: “Ah no, how awful ... How respectful of you Paddy for not Tweeting along with the show as usual.

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