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Russell Ballard didn't hold back as he told the young Saints gathered about his thoughts on the recent phenomenon of "hanging out" as well as recent criticisms and attacks against the Church.

”He said, “You may think we are old and don’t quite ‘get it,’” then added wryly, “We really don’t quite get ‘hanging out.’” is an essential guide for anyone who wants a happy, eternal marriage.

Authors Chris and Julia Deaver and Don Mc Cartney use wisdom from the scriptures, counsel from prophets and apostles, and the experiences of dozens of LDS singles to offer priceless advice on topics ranging from planning and goal setting to honest communication, providing useful tips and information for all who seek the blessing of eternal marriage in their lives.

And you'll save some money and closet space in the process.

So on the blog in 2016, I will be talking to what I call my "three-way style" and showing you how you can take one item in your closet and wear it three (or more) ways. But I also like what I like and at the end of the day, I'm going to wear what I love, trend or not.

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