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Flash Media Live Encoder provides quicker, easier deployment by being a fully featured acquisition and encoding application that natively integrates with Flash Media Server.Previously, the acquisition and encoding functionality had to be custom-coded using the Flash authoring tool.People are using "credit score" and "credit report" interchangeably.While your credit score is based on the contents of your credit report — which details your credit activity and history — they are not the same thing.Since its inception, Flash Media Server has supported live video and audio streaming.Now adding Flash Media Live Encoder for encoding live web broadcasts offers two important benefits: the highest quality video supported, and quicker, easier deployment.For the world of Flash video, the year 2007 opened with a bang when Adobe released Flash Media Live Encoder.

“Our aim is to add eyes to any digital device, no matter how small,” he says.As an illustration of their independence, consider the fact that while you can get your credit score for free at sites like Credit Sesame, you can't get your report. But the credit report available to employers is not the same one that your lenders see.And while you can get your free report from each bureau once per year from, you must pay for your score. "When an employer checks your credit, it's called an 'employment screening,' and the credit bureaus have a separate product available for this purpose," explains Ulzheimer.More intriguing than the low-resolution image of da Vinci’s masterpiece, though, is how the picture was created: with a lens-free camera that, at 200 micrometers across, is smaller than a pencil point.While digital cameras with lenses can take great photos, it is difficult to get cameras into smaller devices.

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"In my 23-plus years in the credit industry, there has never been a verified example of this happening." In fact, he says, the three credit agencies have all gone on record saying that they don't supply a credit score to employers.

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