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If you upload a photo or two then my job is much much easier. After all Cupid has an army of people working for him who all have bills to pay and some have cherubs of their own that need feeding!Because I can see how gorgeously delicious you are and make sure you're only matched with similarly gobsmacking good looking. So Cupid makes a small charge for his services, but what price would you place on love?It’s a tale of lonely souls and literalized online dating, and you assume filmmaker Spike Jonze will characteristically mix high-concept absurdism with heartfelt notions.Unexpectedly, the latter dominates, thanks in no small part to Phoenix’s nuanced, open-book performance.How will you know if some lovestruck soul is waiting out there for you?Well I'll let you have a sneaky peak at my database for free!A football coach waxes philosophical to the media after a disastrous losing season; an airline spokeswoman tries to find the beauty in tragedy; two lonely souls lay themselves bare before a video dating service; a pair of photographers work to recreate the perfect photo.

The final line of the Log Lady's poem, "Woe to the ones who behold the pale horse," is an obvious reference to Sarah Palmer, who sees a pale horse materialize in her bedroom just before Maddy is murdered by Leland/BOB in this episode.

In the , the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, is said to ride a pale horse; her husband, Leland, is death, to her daughter Laura, and now her niece Maddy.

Possibly, the horse is also representative of Sarah's own role in the deaths of her daughter and niece, as she seemingly refuses to consciously acknowledge what has been happening for years with her husband.

It’s both sweet and considered, as well as observant about our fears, masks and growing alienation.

Certainly his most deeply felt achievement, Her is both distinctly Jonze-like and something altogether different, as if the filmmaker has gone through a software update not unlike his artificial character.

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So how did we get from such a cautious stage of cyber protection to offering ourselves out on Yik Yak for quick fling?

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