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Consolidating datamarts

The appliances really appealed to the line of business executives who wanted things FAST and cheap, and that demand created a big surge of appliances in the marketplace starting in about 2003.

IT and data warehousing groups are constantly asked to do a lot more with drastically reduced budgets.

But I don't buy this for server based architectures- what is really fast, easy and cheap when you have to buy servers, create a project and form a commitee?

As the concept of decisional systems, and data warehouses and data marts evolved, two major points of view came into existence. Now, Bill Inmon is an advocate of the Data warehouse.I hope the entries can be of some modest benefit to that goal.Please share your thoughts and input to the topics.However, we also found they created problems, like the ability to deliver compliance, security, governance, and the ever-popular (and dreaded) data redundancy!When CFOs started going to jail for not having their facts straight, we had to get serious about compliance and governance.

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