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It’s safe to say online dating has gone mainstream.

Sure, you’ll still lie to your friends about signing up for it, but it was once described to me as going into a bar where you know every woman in there wants to meet someone. I gave it a go a few months ago, not because I need the help, but because I’m so devilishly handsome I needed a method of screening the myriad girls trying to date me (citation needed).

I’ve been providing advice in various corners of the internet for a couple of years now, so it will be nice to do it on a larger platform like Ask Men.

In order to introduce the idea, this week I shared a few things I’ve learned from giving dating advice (mostly women).

If so, you may soon be featured on my latest interview subject’s website, A(n)nals of Online Dating.

Why it drives girls nuts: For all the progression we’ve seen in modern society, you’re still expected to be the one to make this overture. In your mind, you’re thinking something similar to the above paragraph.

Gone are the days of having to rely on meeting your significant other at work or the gym.

Now we're all swiping and clicking our way to true love.

And online that’s magnified because you have many people to choose from and none of the visual cues that help you to differentiate between creeps and not-creeps in the real world.

So, Ask Men decided they’re going to have a go of making my regular weekly column into an advice column, and I’m stoked.

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