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He interviewed people on You Tube for social experiments.

He created a card question game as a fun way to connect with strangers.

What would dating be like if you could decide the rules?

On the deepest level, men are biologically programmed to want to sleep with as many partners as possible. How to Date Multiple Women (And Still Find the Woman of Your Dreams) is Joshua Pellicer’s guide to dating as many women as you want, in a way that is honest, satisfying, and without pain for any party involved.

He’s well traveled and threw himself into different cultures by moving from Australia to Poland and now Columbia where he has to develop new social circles.

Most of all, he’s always open to adventures with people.

The key to Poly Dating is reaching The Waterfall, the big payoff after your first efforts.

Could it be the absence of panic or the presence of confidence that makes the difference, you may ask. So if dating multiple women has so many positive side effects, why not continue the scenario indefinitely? While it’s not necessary to tell her on the first date that you’re seeing three other women, telling her sooner rather than later is absolutely the gentleman’s move for a number of reasons. Not only is it a matter of trust, it is a matter of integrity.Spend 5 minutes with him and you’ll understand why.He’s fully present in the moment with you, can’t seem to stop smiling, and has this warmth that radiates a calm confidence.Today, my friend Pete will show you how he’s used his charisma to date multiple women while being open to a long-term connection.Pete is an advanced social skills coach who engages people effortlessly with natural charm.

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[Read: 12 Prince Charming traits that leave all girls swooning] Does your desire to date multiple women at the same time come from a good place or a bad place?