Ms sql view not updating

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Ms sql view not updating

I always thought, maybe mistakenly, that as underlying tables change, the views that reference them change too. Product Color='Red'; GO -- View definition CREATE VIEW Sales.v_Sales Order Detail2 WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT h.

So if the tables are changing that much, maybe our system is getting overwhelmed by having to constantly play catch-up updating views. A view is essentially shorthand for using a subquery in a join.

And half the time, straight out asking doesn't work: "Are you sure you're on Prod? The data you read at in a view may not be the same data that you see at looking directly at the table becasue there have been changes in the meantime. they are looking at different table than the view, or at different records.

the data, technically it is possible if a corruption occurs.

Encrypts the entries in sys.syscomments that contain the text of the ALTER VIEW statement.

WITH ENCRYPTION prevents the view from being published as part of SQL Server replication.

The view definition itself must first be modified or dropped to remove dependencies on the table to be modified.

Otherwise, the view might produce unexpected results when it is queried.

We've tuned our indexes, and done the usual optimizations.

But I'm wondering if the fact that these two tables are referenced in 5 views with heavy joining might be detrimental. Product Name FROM Sales.v_Sales Order Detail v WHERE v.

My purpose is not to solve it here, but rather to ask experienced DBAs and DB developers if: Column positions were altered in some tables: Apparently the customer gave full database access to a consultant for database usage analysis. " (much less anger follows...) it is possible if the underlying table has been changed and sp_refreshview has not been ran against the view, so the view will have missing columns if those were added to the table.

That great guy changed the order of the columns to see the few clauses. To see what I mean read how to make sure that the view will have the underlying table changes by using sp_refreshview You can create views with locking hints which would mean you might be getting a dirty read.

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View retrieves data from one index, 'table' retrieves from another (ie.