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Whitney Belprez was received into the Catholic Church in 2008 in Grand Rapids, MI.She and her husband own & operate Two Sparrows Farm & Dairy in Lowell, Michigan ( She also blogs at grew up in a home that was politely Protestant yet sometimes hostile towards organized religion.As usual, he was able to distill what he learned from his own experience into some really powerful advice for any new converts whose spouses don’t share their faith.It was too good not to share, so with his permission I’m posting his advice in case others may find it helpful.Hello All, My girlfriend and I are considering marriage and have reached a dilemma, as I am sure have been encountered numerous times before. I am trying to help her understand why it is important to me, for her to convert.Her concerns are valid and something I am trying to help her understand without it getting to a bad state.Most of her concerns are due to the views we have of our women (which is not something I agree with) She is also concerned with how fanatical our religion may seem, when in fact I am trying to tell her it isn’t the religion, but just the way some people are in our church, which may have given her a bad taste in her mouth.

There aren’t a lot of data sets available to study this sub-group. Hoge’s Converts, Dropouts, Returnees: A Study of Religious Change Among Catholics (1981). that estimated 75% of adult converts came to the Church through an interfaith marriage.As his family sat and unfolded the kneelers I said, “Oh wow! ” I honestly thought the church had footrests installed and had no idea that they were used to kneel in prayer.Needless to say, his family didn’t find it very amusing!I don’t want to divulge any identifying details, but a rough summary of his question is this: I am a recent convert to Catholicism and my wife is agnostic.She is content with her life, not really intellectual, and not “searching” spiritually.

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Hoge, a Presbyterian sociologist, noted that “past research on Catholic converts and dropouts is sketchy, since few studies have been done” (p. In recent years much new attention has been given to the dropouts—those who are raised in the faith but do not remain Catholic as adults (1, 2, 3, 4). In his own data collection in the 1980s Hoge found the most common path to conversion was marriage to a Catholic and this switch was most often facilitated by the spouse around the time of marriage.

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