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Revalidating uk ppl

I took my PPL, IMC & Night rating in 1995 and together with my radio licence it is a lifetime licence.

Because both licences are issued to life does this mean that if I want to go flying again I do not have to retake all my exams again but just need a check flight?

My JAR-PPL(A), issued in 2011, is valid for 5 years so yes, I assume yours will have expired.

My FRTOL is valid for 10 years so presumably yours will have expired too.

We talk ail day and you do the exam the same day – 5 days and ail the exams are done I Ask for details and stop worrying. You may of course have a PPL or rating which has time expired and I will be happy to explain how easy it is to renew it. It will cost you very little to give me a ring, but it could save you a fortune in flying training hours and heartache and reward you with what you’ve always wanted.

Now two examiners have said that it is a case of they send off the Examiners Report, sign my license and jobs a done.

I've come accross a SRG 1135 form which seems to suggest I need to f...

Hope this helps regards alan mow I got my PPL in 2001 and started revalidating a couple of months ago after not flying for 6/7 years. You need to do a general flight test (and any training required to get to test standard of course). You will need a current class 2 medical (or GP signed declaration for National PPL privileges).

You will also need to revalidate your RT licence - sorry not sure what's involved for that, mine's still valid so not checked.

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A of Part-FCL (type rating) and Appendix 9 to Part–FCL (skills test).